Guide to Average Cincinnati Wedding Costs

How are you supposed to know if you are being charged a fair price if you have never purchased wedding related products and services before?  Brides often tell us not knowing typical price ranges creates a lot of confusion and stress.  Our guide to average Cincinnati Wedding costs is here to help.

The information below reflects the average price ranges available from vendors in the Cincinnati area. Some fees vary depending on guest count.  Keep in mind that these are average price ranges.  For example, we work with brides who prefer candles to flowers and will spend less than $1,000 on flowers for the ceremony and reception.  On the other hand, we work with other brides who consider flowers and related décor to be priority #1 and spend over $50,000.  Your priorities and overall budget should dictate what you spend in each area, but remember two important life lessons that apply to weddings too:

“You Get What You Pay For.”


“If it seems to good to be true, it probably is.”















Ceremony Rental Fee

Food, beverages and reception space rental costs

Rental Items (chairs, linens, décor items)

Officiant Fee

Ceremony Music